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Chorleywood Primary School

              Dream Big Project

Our “Dream Big” project aims to engage and empower children to think about the world, work, and how it connects to areas of the curriculum that excite them. 

The society in which our pupils are growing up in is ever changing and evolving, jobs they may end up working in may not even currently exist! We have decided to create a four year, twelve term rolling programme to deliver different career fields throughout KS2. We commenced this project in the autumn term with a focus on “The Arts”, to be followed by:

Spring 18  Science and Engineering 
Summer 18  Business and Entrepreneurship 
Autumn 18  Technology 
Spring 19  Sports 
Summer 19  Health and Medicine 
Autumn 19  Public Services 
Spring 20  Environment, Nature and Animals 
Summer 20  Food, farming and hospitality 
Autumn 20  Voluntary 
Spring 21  Fashion and Retail 
Summer 21  Transport, construction and logistics 
Please let the office know if you have other ideas of how you could share the experience of working in any of the above fields, or if you’d like to be involved, but are not sure how. 

Our aim is for the children to become aware of the extent of possibilities in each field – and that a job using similar skills will feel very different depending on the field it is in. We are keen to capture as wide a range as possible to show the children how creative they can be when they think about the future! 

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"I just wanted to convey to you how much L, has got out of the Dream Big sessions to date. He has really enjoyed the two practical engineering sessions he has taken part in over the last couple of weeks. He also enjoyed the talk Dr Hirschberg gave in her assembly this week: "It was really interesting". 

He was also really engaged by the assembly talks last term, and is looking forward to more visitors to the school next term."

Mrs M, parent of Y4 child

The Arts

We have had a tremendous response from parents, offering to chat with children about a day in their life in the arts.

Mr Murray came and gave an entertaining talk on life as an opera singer, Mr Nall gave an amazing demonstration of his violin playing, accompanied by Mr Park on the cello and Ms Peters enthralled the children with her talk on life as an actress.

For further details on our guest speakers, please follow the link below.

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Science and Engineering


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In January, Amanda Deighton gave our school a fascinating presentation about her job in radiotherapy.

Her presentation can be accessed by clicking on the link .


An Introduction to Radiotherapy-school Presentation 2 (1) (2.11 MB)