Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
Herts. WD3 5HR.
Tel: 01923 282095.
Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Roberts

Chorleywood Primary School

Statutory Governor Information 


Governor Name

Position of Responsibility

Membership of Committees/Main Roles

Governor Type*

Original Start Date

Current Term

Business or Pecuniary Interests

Other Relevant Interests

Simone Tyson Chair of Governors F&P, P&P, Maths link, Behaviour for learning link, PSHE link, Sports Premium link, HTPM panel Co-opted 16/12/2013 01/06/2015- 31/05/2019 None

Governor Trainer, Strategic Leader of Governance and an External Reviewer for Herts for Learning

Martin Trevett

Vice Chair /  Chair of Pay & Personnel Committee

F&P, P&P Chair, H&S link, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel, Year 6 link HCC 1977 03/06/2016- 02/06/2020 None None
Nitesh Patel Chair of Finance & Premises Committee F&P Chair, HTPM panel, Exclusions co-ordinator Co-opted 10/2012 01/06/2015- 31/05/2019 None None
Rebecca Roberts Head Teacher F&P, P&P, TLA Ex-officio 01/09/2010 01/09/2010 None Employed by Herts for Learning as a HIP
Jane Mansour Chair of School Improvement Committee TLA Chair, Reading link, Humanities link, Year 2 link Parent 14/10/2015 14/10/2015- 13/10/2019 None None

Vicky Pearson

    Staff  01/05/18 01/05/18-30/04/22 None


Lindsey Archer   TLA, Computing link, Year 5 link Co-opted 31/03/2016 31/03/2016-30/03/2020 None None
Peter Adi   Complaints panel, Exclusions panel, Year 4 link Co-opted 01/02/2016 01/02/2016- 31/01/2020 None None
Michelle Coomber School Business Manager F&P Associate Member 04/09/2015 04/09/2015-30/08/2019 None None
Samantha Evans   TLA, Humanities link, Assessment outcomes link, Reception link Co-opted 31/03/2016 31/03/2016-30/03/2020 None None
Angela Taylor   P&P, TLA, Safeguarding/CLA Prevent lead, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel, Year 3 link Co-opted 11/02/2016 11/02/2016-10/02/2020 None None
Rob Murray   Creative Arts link, Year 1 link Parent 03/11/2016 03/11/2016-02/11/2020 None None
Joanne Malcher     Associate Member  31/12/17 31/12/17-30/12/2021 None None
Julie Raybould Clerk to full Governing Body   Clerk 01/02/2018   None

Chair of Governors at Queens' School / Employed by Herts for Learning as a Clerk / Sole Trader - Black Olive Associates / Employed by Herfordshire County Council as an Admissions Appeals Clerk 


Leavers (within the last 12 months)

Governor Name

Governor Type*

Original Start Date

Finish Date

Appointed By

Christina Shearer Co-opted 01/10/16 16/11/17 Full Governing Board
Marina Perianez Co-opted 04/11/15 14/11/17 Full Governing Board
Lee Cameron Co-opted
23/04/18 Full Governing Board
Corinne Lewis Staff 01/10/15 09/04/18 Full Governing Board
Kerry Byrne Associate Member 15/06/17  30/04/18 Full Governing Board
Mark Burgess  Co-opted  01/01/2018 5/4/2019 Full Governing Board



*Governor type

Ex-officio   - Automatically a Governor because of the office they hold
Staff          - Elected by Chorleywood Primary School Staff
Parent         - Nominated by Parents at Chorleywood Primary School
Associate    - Can attend governor meetings, and contribute fully.  An Associate has voting rights in sub-committees, but not at the FGB
HCC             - Herts County Council-nominated
Clerk            - Employed to support the Governing Body, no voting rights at full governing body or committee level
Co-opted      - Can be from the community, a parent, a member of staff, or nominated from the local authority
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*Marina Perianez stepped down as of 14/11/17                                                      ** Christina Shearer stepped down as of 16/11/17

*Lee Cameron stepped down 23/04/18
*Corinne Lewis Stepped down 09/04/18
*Kerri Byrne stepped down 30/04/18