Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
Herts. WD3 5HR.
Tel: 01923 282095.
Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Roberts

Chorleywood Primary School

"I attended the Nursery tour this morning at Chorleywood Primary School...It was extremely informative and very well structured.

I am a teacher myself and I can honestly say that, throughout the 12 years that I have been qualified and also as a prospective parent having visited and worked with a number of schools, I have never been so impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism which your Year 6 pupils demonstrated today. It is clear that they are very proud of their school and thoroughly enjoy being pupils at Chorleywood Primary School. They are an absolute credit to you and your school."

Ms C Gregerson


During a difficult time of ill health in the family, I was touched and very impressed by the way the school listened confidentially and understood my concerns for the effect it may have had on our son at school. I felt very confident that our son would have been offered excellent supportive care should he have needed it.

Mrs E K


Following a Senior Citizens Christmas Tea for Watford 5 Ways Friends, Georgina Bush, Club and Programme Co-ordinator, wrote:

“A special thank you to Year 6 and all the staff and teachers for making us feel so welcome. The children were so attentive towards us. They were very polite and also very friendly - a lovely group of intelligent young men and women. 

Plus they make a cracking cup of tea and coffee!

We were all amazed how well all the students learnt their songs and performed them with a smile on their faces and little dance moves. They worked so hard.

On the way home the members were all full of praise towards the whole afternoon.  All the pupils are a true credit to your school."


"As a parent of 3 children my family have been coming to this school for 11 years with 5 more to go. In my 11 years attending this school I have seen many new changes to this school with all of them making a positive impact to my 3 children’s learning and developing. The school offers a wide range of experiences and opportunities for children to learn. The school is very well supported within the community which I think is important to the school and the children. I have recommended this school to many of my friends who have preschool age children who were very impressed with their first visit and tour of the school, all hoping to get a space at the school"

Mrs E Ridout


"Our son was really apprehensive about doing new things and found transitions really difficult at times.  He was worried about the residential field trip at the start of the year and his class teacher worked really closely with the whole class on making sure all the children felt happy and confident about spending two nights away from family for the first time.  We were so proud of how our son coped with leaving to go on the trip and how confident and mature he was about how he was feeling.  The supportive, caring and nurturing way the staff at the school help  children to grow into confident, mature young people is something the school should be very proud of and is something which we as parents are very grateful for!"

Mrs S T