Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
Herts. WD3 5HR.
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Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Roberts

Chorleywood Primary School

Peer Mediation


Peer mediation is when we help children sort out a disagreement. When a child is having a disagreement with someone else we ask them if they would like to go to peer mediation. If they agree, they come with us to a wigwam.

The first thing we do is explain the rules. Then one person tells us about what happened, and what the problem is.  Then the other child tells us their side of the story. We don’t take sides.  We repeat what they have said to see if they can come up with any of their own solutions for their problems. When they have come up with a solution that they both agree on, they are friends again.

So do you like the idea of peer mediation?

                                                                                                      By Kai T, Year 6